Steps To Become Successful HIP HOP Artist

The first step in becoming a successful hip hop artist is making powerful music
Strong lyrics and a even stronger supportive instrumental Unfortunately we are living in times where politics take the originality of a individuals
Own style and music when i turn on the radio everyone sounds similar so my advice
I give clients i tell them to study the radio and take notice of the style and format of what is being played pimp it out in your own style NOT COPY but write in similar but more creative way after you got your tracks crafted to perfection i than recommend you build massive connections on social media send your tracks to strangers that will give you a honest opinion on your quality of music once you got the feedback your looking for keep networking build relationships with Dj’s Blogs,Promoters get your music
on everything possible start off with the free blogs than get on some of the paid ones  its vary rare that you will get on a high traffic blog free without paying something make sure everything looks good.

All your profiles should be dressed up and designed out to catch the eye i see alot of artist daily take the cheap way out and there profiles
doesn’t say artist or there mixtape covers are so dull you automatically feel the music
is whack even though it can be the other way around.Stop asking for handouts alot of
artist don’t want to pay a dj or a promoter because they feel its a scam there are alot of companies out to take your money but there are lots of legit services out there also we are not miracle workers and we cant promise a artist a record deal or to make the famous
we can only promise to get you more fans , views and a better reach but artist should invest in there craft out of a million views it only takes one right person to change your life.

New hip hop music is made everyday so chances are that you are next up are very small don’t quite your day job to become a full time artist instead stack ya bread and get a Grade A  promotion team to increase those chances put out as many mixtapes out as you can SHARE SHARE most artist drop tapes and let them sit like its going to really kick off doesn’t work like that unless your content is viral you gotta work them links burn cd’s mail  them in to radio stations and labels i don’t advise artist to try to sell there mixtapes
in there own hood i don’t think La reid will get a hold of your mixtape there its a waste of money and most people don’t really listen to it check out our list of good sites to feat your music on following these links.


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